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Elope in Colorado - day 1 | Ben & Colleen

Snow always makes such a magical wedding setting

The night before and day of Ben and Colleen's mountain elopement, it snowed... and snowed... AND snowed.

Planning an elopement or even a full wedding in the Colorado mountains can always be a gamble with the frequent weather changes in the mountains. I always encourage couples to be aware of the possibility of a weather change and to be prepared to embrace it. Too often people think rain or snow on their wedding day will ruin things, but I believe in embracing it and letting it add to the magic of your special day! Don't forget to pick out a wedding shall, down or rain jacket for wedding day!

Ben and Colleen planned to privately elope in the mountains, followed by a reception in Denver a few days later where all of their friends and family could celebrate with them. As elopements often turn out, a few family members refused to miss Ben and Colleen exchange their vows in the mountains. They self solemnized, because here in Colorado, you don't need an officiant to get married, and it was the best combination of sentiment and humor, which truly reflected this couple.

Some common concerns I hear from couples contemplating eloping are :

"Will it feel like a wedding?"

"Is it going to be awkward if it's just us?"

"Maybe we should bring hire an officiant"

These are all excellent things to think about. I have helped many couples come up with sentiments to help make their elopement feel more significant, like popping champagne, deciding on a hike that will be "your hike" to "your spot", gathering some leaves or rocks from the spot you stood when you exchanged your vows, or one of the countless other ideas. In the end, what I always feel makes a wedding special, whether it is 2 people with me or 400, is how your ceremony is a reflection of you and your relationship and how present you are during your ceremony and wedding day.

Soak the moment in and embrace whatever weather comes your way and it will be BEAUTIFUL!

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