about veronica


I have been an observer my entire life. I am told that even as a child I was perfectly content just doing my own thing and observing whatever was going on around me, that is, when I wasn’t drawing on walls or the side of my dad’s garage with permanent markers. At some point along the way, I remember insisting that my mom let me use her camera to photograph hummingbirds and from that point on I was in love with cameras and what I could capture with them. Over time, that turned into photographing weddings, adventures and more. While I am primarily a mountain wedding photographer, I do love a good downtown photo session or wedding too!

Moments and memories shape our lives and our stories, but in our fast paced society, everything is fleeting. My photographs compel those memories and stories even farther,  providing lasting memories to share for generations. I work to capture more than just the imagery of the moment, but also the feel of the entire experience. Looking back, you want to remember more than just the images of the day, but also how you felt in those moments, whether it was the first time you saw your husband or wife on the day you exchanged your vows, the moment you found out if you would be having a son or a daughter, that first time your dad saw you on your wedding day, and so many more before, after and in between all of these. 

Life is beautiful and full of moments to treasure.