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headshot and branding pricing

What do your headshots say about you?

Whether you're looking to make a career change, updating your website, or simply wanting some personal branding photos that tell more about YOU, I've got you covered.

Headshots and personal branding photos can lend a little insight into your personality. Have you looked at your headshots and asked what they portray?

What is personal branding and who is it for?

Personal branding tells more about you and your unique identity. Usually personal branding includes some action - sitting at a coffee table working, walking down the street, browsing your favorite shop, getting on your bike, heading out for a hike - truly anything you want people to know about you or see that you do


Most often, personal branding is used on professional or personal social media or web sites, or dating profiles. 


Headshot refresh


Approximately 20 minutes with one person

One location

One outfit

5 images of your choosing from your edited gallery

Additional images may be purchased for $25/each

Headshot session


Approximately 40 minutes

One location/area

Up to three outfits or looks

All images from your session

Additional people may be included for $75/person 


Branding and Headshot mixed session


Approximately 75 minutes

One location/area

Up to three outfits or looks

Established vision for your session ahead of time

Branding focused session


Focused on branding and the story you want to tell, with some traditional headshots included

Approximately 2 hours

Looking for something else?

These aren't your only options. If you have something else in mind, lets discuss!

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