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Elope Colorado - Day 2

The Kitchen - Denver | Wedding Reception

Ben and Colleen had their intimate mountain elopement on a Thursday - check it out in my previous post - but they still wanted to celebrate with all their friends and family. Two days later, they held a celebration at The Kitchen, downtown Denver. They booked a room just around the corner at The Crawford Hotel in Denver's Union Station to get ready and to spend the evening following their celebration. I showed up for some getting ready photos, followed by family photos and portraits of the happy couple together around Denver's Union Station. After this was all finished up, we walked over to The Kitchen to join their friends and additional family for a drinks and hors d'oeuvres, followed by a sit down dinner, toasts and fun together. What Ben and Colleen planned was the perfect combination of intimate elopement and celebration. The big wedding isn't for every couple, but that doesn't mean your only option is an elopement and nothing else. I am seeing more and more engaged couples who are planning two day wedding events, just like this wedding.

Some common concerns and thoughts when eloping are :

"Will it feel like a wedding?" -- Yes!

"Will it be awkward if we don't have an officiant and choose to self-solemnize?" -- It definitely could be, but there are so many resources and ideas out there, plus, I've helped put together quite a few of these and am always more than happy to lend suggestions and ideas to my couples planning a wedding or elopement!

"How do we make it feel extra special?" -- Oh, the possibilities are endless! How about bringing a bottle of champagne to pop? Make it a hike to your elopement spot. Take a train. Why not take a boat? (ps- I photographed one bride and groom that did take a boat and it was wonderful!)

All this to say - I love helping my engaged couples out any way that I can while they are planning their wedding day! I've done a few of these... about 150 actually... and oh the things I have seen!



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