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Logan + Chelsey - The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

As I look back on Logan and Chelsey's wedding day, so many emotions come up, even for me, the photographer. I still remember during our consultation when Chelsey told me that her father had passed away some years prior and she had this idea to bring his truck, which was an iconic peace of him, from Michigan to Colorado to be used in her wedding. It would be a way for him to walk her down the isle. As she told me this idea, I believe my response was something along the lines of "You have to!". It is those intimate, personal touches that truly set a wedding apart from just another wedding to Logan and Chelsey's wedding. Every detail came together so flawlessly, from the recycled artificial flowers from Flintwood Floral, the spread of pies, the barn setting, the wedding party's attire, right down to Chelsey's fathers truck. These are the memories and emotions that I am thrilled to have the opportunity to capture and share with my clients. Chelsey's two brothers held the honor of driving her in their fathers truck from her bridal suite to the ceremony site. This gesture was possibly one of the most sentimental ways I have seen someone honor a parent in all my years of wedding photography. Wedding day brings a lot of emotions - relief that the planning is over, excitement to celebrate your relationship, joy to be taking a new step with your spouse, and all too often sadness that those you wish could take part in this special day are unable to. There are many ways to honor those who are unable to partake in your wedding day. Of course, many ideas can be found on sites like pinterest or from things others have done, however, the best is always when you can find something personal. Not just the same idea 5000 other couples have done, but an idea that is unique to you and unique to the person or people you are honoring. The same can be said about your wedding day - find ways to represent yourself, your spouse and your unique relationship.

All emotions aside, who doesn't love a good pie in mid-summer?

Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park - Colorado Wedding photography
The truck that came from Michigan to take this bride to her wedding

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